Peggy H.C. Huang


1989-2018, Editor-in-chief of Interior Magazine, Taiwan

2012-2018 present, CEO of MJ Publishing Co. Ltd.


Interior Magazine is the 2-time winner of Golden Tripod Award for Honorable Mention in Magazine Publication Excellence. The Golden Tripod Award is the highest honor given to publishers in Taiwan.

Huang has committed herself to bringing the finest designs to readers, serving as a bridge between space design and the public through her career as an editor for more than 40 years. Before Interior Magazine, in 1977 Huang was also the editor-in-chief of Taiwan’s first professional space design magazine, Home Decoration Magazine, another Golden Tripod Award winner. In addition, she has been the editor-in-chief for Fashion Decorator Magazine and Modern Architecture Magazine; these were instrumental in the 80’s for inspiring countless interior design students and designers.


Besides being an editor, Huang is also the author of three books that document design through interviews or nonfiction accounts: Architecture and Space (1989), Witnessing 25 years of Interior Design in Taiwan (1999) and History Space (2008). The first book documents up close interviews of 14 legendary people in architecture in the 80’s, including architects, interior designers and scholars; the second book is equivalent to the history of modern Taiwan interior design, using pictorials to document the thinking and iconic projects of Taiwan interior designers from 1974 to 1999; the third book follows the culture, art, lifestyle and urban aesthetics of ancient civilizations.